V.B.S. / Vacation Bible School / Survey

Vacation Bible School has been a resource for children and families for many years. Possibly you were greatly impacted by V.B.S. when you were a child. I remember working hard, memorizing scripture to win a yellow bike with a long banana seat. It was beautiful!

For the past two years Hope church has tried something new. We have had a weekly (one night a week for 4 weeks) V.B.S. with the goal of including the parents to participate. This approach helped accomplish two things…

1: Involve parents and children learning about Jesus together.
Many families struggle to find the time to take this important discipleship step.
2: Manpower. It takes a small army of people to facilitate a V.B.S.

If we move forward with a V.B.S. this Summer, we want to emphasize an EVANGELISTIC approach.
We want to INVITE others to attend. We want you and your kids to invite your neighbors or family members who don’t normally go to church to come with you.

Before we take steps to plan for a V.B.S. this year, we would like your input.
Please answer the following questions. Your answers will be crucial to the next steps we take.

1. Do you see a need for V.B.S.?
2. Would you invite unchurched children to come?
3. Do you prefer a traditional approach (multi-days in a row)?
4. Would converting Sunday mornings into a V.B.S. over a few weeks during Summer be effective?
5. Would you be part of the creative team that prepares for V.B.S.?
6. Would you commit to helping serve/lead at V.B.S.?