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EXTERIOR OF BUILDING: Is the landscape well kept? Is the building up to date?
LOBBY: How does the lobby feel when I walk in? Is it warm and inviting?
BATHROOMS: Are they clean? Enough of them?
SIGNAGE: Could you easily find your away around the church (classrooms, check-in station, etc)?
COMMUNITY: Is there a tangible atmosphere of community & relationship?
ATTIRE: How people dress… does this create an accepting/comfortable environment?
GREETERS: Do the greeters create a warm and welcoming environment?
USHERS: Do the ushers greet and assist you?
GUEST SERVICES: Does guest services supply you with information and resources?
WELL DEFINED: Do people know whom to ask questions to?
EXTRA MILE: Do the Welcome team members go the extra mile for people?
SIGNAGE: Is it obvious where to take the kids?
VISUAL: Was the visual environment stimulating, fun and engaging?
SPACE: Is there enough space for kids?
CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT: Is it safe and secure? Is it age appropriate for your child?
BUZZ ABOUT CHILDREN'S MINISTRY: Do kids beg their parents not to miss church?
ADULT LEADERS: Was there a healthy Adult-to-child ratio?
NURSING MOTHERS: Was it easy to find this room and did it meet your requirements?
UN-CHURCHED: Would the un-churched person feel comfortable leaving their kids?
RETENTION: Are your kids remembering and talking about their class’s lesson?
COMMUNICATION: Are you aware of activities, opportunities and/or issues in Children’s ministry?
STAGE PRESENCE: Is the stage clean and welcoming?
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Are there too many? Were they summarized and/or highlighted well?
“INSIDER LANGUAGE”: Does the GUEST feel like an outsider because of too much “Churchy” verbiage?
AUTHENTICITY: Do your gatherings keep everything real and avoid being fake?
MEDIA/LIGHTS/TECHNOLOGY: Do they compete or compliment the service environment?
HUMOR: Do you have moments where people laugh?
OFFERING: Did we communicate the biblical standard of giving?
TRANSITIONS IN SERVICE: Are the transitions seamless and do they complement the gathering?
UNCHURCHED: How would an unchurched person feel about the service?
AUTHENTIC: Is the worship team authentic in their stage presence?
SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERE: Do you feel the presence of God?
DRESS OF WORSHIP TEAMS: Does this reflect how you want people to feel at your gathering?
LENGTH OF WORSHIP TIME: Was it sufficient enough for you to connect with God?
LEADERSHIP/ENGAGEMENT: Were you led/invited into the presence of God?
LEADERSHIP: Did the pastoral team create a warm and welcoming environment?
AUTHENTIC: Is the pastor authentic/transparent in his preaching approach?
BIBLICAL AUTHORITY: Is the message biblically sound?
EVIDENCE: Can you tell the pastor has heard from God?
APPLICATION: Does the message apply to every-day life?
LIKEABLE: Is the speaker likeable/relatable?
NEW FOLLOWER: Would the New Follower relate to the message?
INVITATION: Would I invite my friend/family to hear the teaching?
WEBSITE: Does the website keep me informed and is it up to date?
GUEST SERVICES: Is there relevant information available?
CONNECTION CARD: Is the connection card easy to fill out?
BULLETIN: Is the bulletin user friendly and informative?
NEXT STEPS: Are next steps clearly communicated regarding how to connect to the church?
FOLLOW UP: Was there a follow up after your first visit?
“MY CHURCH”: Does it seem like I could make this my home church?
Below... Please share with us your thoughts regarding what it means to you personally to be a MINISTRY PARTNER - "MEMBER" of a church. *NOTE: DO NOT hit your "RETURN" button unless you are wanting to SUBMIT your comments.